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Privacy Policy

People of Happiness US holds customer privacy to a high regard and will only collect, record, store and disclose the use of your personal information as described below.​

Data protection is a matter of trust and customer privacy which we hold to the up most importance. Therefore, we will only use the customer's name and information relating to the customer as stated in the following policy:

People of Happiness US will only collect the necessary information and collect information that is required by law or is relevant to the purpose of collecting information. Customers can visit the People of Happiness US website and browse without having to provide personal information. As long as the customer visits the People of Happiness US site, the identity of the People of Happiness customer will be maintained and the People of Happiness US company will not be able to identify the People of Happiness customer unless the People of Happiness customer has an account on the People of Happiness site and logs in using the username and password of the People of Happiness US' customer.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Updating Personal Information

People of Happiness may disclose your personal information in certain situations or conditions - for example situations or conditions that are urgent because they involve the safety of life or health or for law enforcement purposes based on the laws enforced in the country of purchase.

You can update your personal information by accessing the official People of Happiness website. If you need help, feel free to contact our customer service representatives. They will be happy to help.

Release of Personal Information

People of Happiness US does not distribute or trade customers personal information recorded online.


The personal information that People of Happiness US collects is only limited when you create an account on the official People of Happiness US website, namely:


  • E-mail

  • Password

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Billing address

  • and Shipping address, accompanied by first name, last name, company name, e-mail address, telephone number, address, province, postal code, and city / regency.


The personal information mentioned above is used and prioritized for the following purposes: to send the latest information related to People of Happiness US via e-mail (users are given the flexibility to unsubscribe from our list). Carry out your order process (provide your information to a third party, for example the courier service you choose). Delivery of People of Happiness products US that you have ordered.

Changes in Privacy Policy

People of Happiness US has the right to change or modify the privacy policy at any time. At the latest, these changes will be notified to all customers seven days before they take effect. Complaints or Feedback about the Privacy Policy, if you are not satisfied with the explanation of the privacy policy from People of Happiness US, or just want to submit suggestions, please contact us via email at

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