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People of Happiness dyed by Celap Celup

Pilot stands for an experiment before introducing something more widely. This collection is to show the start of our collaborative movement. We want everyone to embrace their creativity and be an artist, Literally, everyone!  

Story Behind
Pilot Collection

We believe that people have a lot of talents and gifts that they can show off to the world, but are not always able to express their creativity. Here, we are producing a collaborative collection to give anyone who wants to share their creativity a channel to do so.

In this pilot collection, we had @celap__celup to tie-dye our pieces. She has the creativity to create a piece of art and make our goodies beautiful. Each and every piece were made with emotion and passion. Plus, this collection is very limited edition-- only 14 pieces per tie dye patterns! So you definitely want to get one while you can! 

Inspired by People of Happiness' Vision, the first product is the It's Okay To Not Be Okay Tee!
Dyed with emotions to tell you that even though our surroundings sometimes don't make us happy, we can find happiness within ourselves! This tee represents that we are all okay to not be okay. Feeling not okay is very human and we have to be able to embrace it! 

Second product we have made is the Love And Light Tee, which comes from People of Happiness' Mission. Hand-dyed with so much love to let us elevate happiness to as many people as possible by showing them our light. This tee should be worn to spread much love and happiness to all who wear and see it!






Say hi to Tivanca! 

The person behind pilot collection and the the artist of @celap__celup.

She is a second year university student when pandemic strikes and her routines shift to the all Online Classes and a bunch of nonstop assignment. Good thing is, she has more free time to try new activities at home and it becomes the beginning of @celap__celup. She fell in love with clashing colors and with support from her close relatives, she started her own small custom-made tie dye business (@celap__celup). 

Tie-dye is interesting for her as no same result will appear for each tie dye even though it is done with the same method. All processes are handmade and she enjoys every step of it, especially the tie and dye step because those are the part that determines the result. It takes time to create one beautiful pieces but she get her happiness through its long processes and all the efforts. 

Patience, Creativity, and Love is the secret key behind all of her tie-dye works! She put all her heart when tie-dyeing all the pieces from Pilot Collection. It took almost 2 months to tie-dye this beautiful 28 pieces since they are all handmade, despite the long time, it is still becoming her source of Happiness.


People of Happiness is glad to work with @celap__celup and would be able to bring Tivanca's happiness is a BONUS for us!

“Happiness comes from my own mindset of how grateful I am with my life. I’ve been taught to always be positive for all I have and everything I’ve been through, whether it's good or bad. I look for the bright side in everything and don’t compare my life with others. Put myself at ease and to not overthink, since I believe everybody has their own capabilities.” -Tivanca

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