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Every product you purchase will provide one meal for those in need. With the money raised, our team will proceed with "Kindness Delivery Service”, delivering meals to local villages in Indonesia. 


Make an impact from wherever you are in the world. Sharing one meal at the right time could make a difference between life and death. Sustain a mission beyond consumerism.

We want to share the joy of Eid Mubarak with our fellow friends. The purchase within the Ramadan period (April) will serve Eid meals to people in need.



180 total meals given



100 meals shared to homeless and night workers in Bandung, ID

This month, People of Happiness partnered up with (est. 2012) to share meals with the homeless and night workers in the local community. Berbaginasi's goal is to increase public awareness on the many people in the world who often go to bed hungry. The Sharing Movement is a catalyst for social change, hoping to encourage others to share in their own environment and way. A pack of "nasi bungkus" may not seem like much to us. However, when we share it with others who meals are not guaranteed, we can help them get the nutrients and energy to strive for their goals and happiness in life.


45 meals allocated to informal workers in Dago, Bandung, Indonesia area.

For every product sold, one meal is given. We personally deliver warm meals to informal workers around the city. These include waste pickers, street vendors, domestic workers, and taxi bike drivers (ojol). #OnePohOneMeal



35 meals to villagers in Bandung, Indonesia

This #OnePOHOneMeal journey starts with you, creating an impact at the local level. Meals are bought from small  shop (“warung nasi”) and delivered to local Indonesians in need.

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