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Batch TWO

It’s easy to feel like the universe is making life harder and harder, but if we look closer to the news, humankind can actually be just that-KIND! Let's remember kindness is always a universal language that everyone understands and one that everyone appreciates and loves.


Kindness or goodwill is a missing virtue in our world, especially after the year we just had. Kindness is the only thing that doubles when you share it. Backed by scientific studies, if you perform an act of kindness it not only makes someone feel better but also gives your body the same feeling of warmth that can make you calmer, happier, and healthier while also decreasing pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and blood pressure. We are building our better selves and better communities at the same time. As we all seek the path to happiness, practicing kindness towards others is one we know can get us there.

Batch two, GOODWILL is People of Happiness' creation and one of our many efforts to spread some more kindness in the world. We believe that kindness has a role in making the world a better place, and hope through our apparels and brand, we can highlight this action and feeling. In this batch two, we want to encourage people to do goodwill to others. A good act of kindness doesn’t even need to be big, a simple act like opening the door for stranger, holding the elevator for someone, starting a coffee machine for a stranger who’s just a few cents short, or giving your neighbor a hand with the groceries will do the magic! It doesn’t take much but it can make a huge difference. For every one of those people you’ve shown kindness to, will help other people and those other people will help even more people creating a chain reaction that can spread across the entire community.








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This collection is special as we share our twist on the stories of your all-time favorite fables but incorporating them in our designs. Each apparel is designed and produced with their own meaning with the theme of goodwill and kindness. You might be surprised what you can learn with the stories that are told from each of our apparels! This batch consists of two drops named "episodes." Episode One launched 22 August 2021 and Episode Two launched 22 september 2021

We value all goodwill that makes us all feel connected. So who will you gives your kind acts first? Is it to your dogs, cats, family, friends, teachers, frenemies, or any strangers you met down the street? Isn’t this the world we all want? 

For every product you buy,  you are supporting our mission to promote kindness and happiness. Not only through the apparel and actions you may share, but also by being apart of our movement to aid those in the Indonesian community. For every Batch Two, GOODWILL, purchase, we will give one meal to individuals in need. Read more about our campaign #ONEPOHONEMEAL here.

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