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Batch One

We believe people can’t live by themselves but also can’t live without learning to find their own-self again. Our first batch is designed to give you a statement of your self-identity where you should take a good care of your relationship with yourself and others.

All About


Humans are one of the few living creatures who are always looking for happiness. How could not it be? Every action that we do, almost all of them are based on our desires to be happier, so that we can feel more alive and better. For example, you buy clothes and you feel happy, you eat good food and you feel full and happy. However, most of it only lasts temporarily, and the happiness effect it causes is not that large. According to some researches, the best happiness is the happiness caused by the relationships we have with our surroundings. This is why we decided to take the theme "Reconnecting" as our first batch.


We believe that we humans are social creatures and relationship is very important for our survival... and our happiness. We want to make people aware that to achieve true joy, we have to start making relationships with everything around us. We want to embrace people to be able to strengthen or even create new relationships with their surroundings and themselves.


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The journey of People of Happiness started in July 2020 and we decided to put meaning behind all of our products. Our products each have their own stories which you can find on our website. After months of hassle, we finally launched our first collection, "Reconnecting" on December 2020 in Indonesia and have been able to bring it to the US in March of 2021.

Reconnecting can be an automatic mood booster to affect our levels of happiness. This batch consists of eight product articles and designed to be as attractive as possible so that we can feel connected with positive things to improve a better relationship with ourselves and the things around us. 

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